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You are a lost forestling that encounters annoyances on your journey to find home, but it's not long before monsters with familiar names find you; denial, anger, bargaining and depression.

You must fight them with your inner light to uncover the event that put you here. Defeat them, for it is a necessary step in the ritual of finding peace. You must not succumb to the shadows.


Light orbs heal you and damage enemies- so choose your dice rolls wisely. After a certain amount of orbs are collected, new harder enemies with their own special abilities spawn, which take more orbs to eliminate.


This game was originally made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam, 2016. The theme was "ritual". The post-GGJ changes made were:

  • Fixed bargaining's attack (their old one was non-existent, it was that broken)
  • Some balancing was done to make it more challenging
  • Some fancy special effects to show that the orbs actually do things when you land on them were added
  • An end screen that gives closure to the story was included

If you enjoyed or would rather the easier version without the definitive end (I'm told it's quite meditative), you can still download it here.


Art & Art direction: Gabriel Morgan

Programming & Design: Ben Naulls

Music & Sound: Abby Phillips

Install instructions

Download the zip, unzip it to your chosen location, and click the executable to play. Thank you!


TreadLightlyGame.zip 35 MB

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