Slight change of plans and a fancy camera

Hey all, it's been a while!

At first I was going to treat this like Every Project Ever but I forgot that this is one I'm working on to escape that atmosphere; I need to stop making everything feel like work. Additionally, I'm using this experience to keep me sane while in a bad health limbo, so of course a strict routine won't help. From this point forward I am working not so much to deadlines, but to the order in which I should be working on things to make a cohesive experience of a game.

Also, I've decided to not work with Axis Game Factory since it's another new-ish thing to learn and for what I want to do Unity alone is good enough.  

Since my last update, I've been chipping away at the basic functions (using C#!)  So far, we have player movement

And camera movement! I feel incredibly frustrated in 3D games that lack the ability to orbit  and zoom so I had to over-complicate things for myself. I'll probably restrict the zooming a little more than pictured here, but I'll know for sure once I build the environment later

It doesn't seem like a lot, but this is four scripts worth of work. I followed this 2010 tutorial which I would only recommend if you have intermediate programming skills and experience with Unity! It's a lot of math, also. I yelled at C and C++ for four months before jumping into this, full disclosure.

Next I will be prototyping object interaction and the narrative. Then I get to make it look a lot more like a game! Woo!!

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