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In a distant future,  a mechanical entity awakens to discover that it can now think and feel. It sets out on a journey to discover a new purpose in this broken world. But this future is not without its perils. Hazards and wild machines stand in the way. And there is something about this world that is stealing the functions of this lone automaton as it struggles to survive. 


  • A & D move backwards and forwards (or arrow keys if you prefer)
  • Left mouse button is shoot. Use your mouse movements to aim
  •  Right mouse button will pick objects up. Click it again to drop the item
  • Space is jump
  •   Press enter if you get stuck to restart the level 

The game is designed to take certain actions away from you- signified by glowing translucent overlays- which can make it seem buggy at first, but that is working as intended. 


This game was completed in 2015 as a part of Global Game Jam. It has some bugs (detailed below) and we do not plan to develop it further. The theme was "What do we do now?"


  • Occasionally you can jump forever without intervention. Have fun with that
  •  The window scaling is only working properly only on 16:9. Set window size to a 16:9 res and windowed to get around that issue 


Art & Art Direction: Gabriel Morgan

Animation:  Jamie Anderson

Programming: Samson Oliver , Tom Wright, Gareth Campbell

Design: Gareth Campbell & Daniel Belfrage-Young

Music & Sound: Kevin PoweAbby Phillips  


404Executable.zip 21 MB

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